RHS Spring Floral

The collection was created with idea of seeing the beauty in the world around us. Here in the UK we have a bounty of beautiful wildflowers growing all around us and while our parks and botanic gardens hold host to flowers and foliage from around the world, sometimes we don’t have to look too far to appreciate the simple pleasures in life.

We are in a position at the moment where life has slowed down. For many of us our daily walk is a solace and an opportunity to reconnect with the nature around us, this pause in our lives has allowed us to appreciate the small things we may have taken for granted before. This meadow design is a reflection of this time. An array of delicate flowers and colourful butterflies loosely arranged captivates this time of back to basics and simple pleasures, fresh light modern colours give a breezy feel taking us back to memories of swaying wildflowers in the sun.

Let our RHS Floral Collection transport you to dreams of Spring and brighter days ahead with our signature tea towels, aprons and kitchenware pieces, including our new Micro Mitt sets.