The secret to a functional kitchen is exceptional storage - and, with our range of storage tins, jars and canisters, you can combine style with practicality in your cooking area. Whether you’re storing herbs within arm's reach or you’re rearranging a messy overhead cupboard, our range of kitchen storage products can help you on your way to organisation heaven.

No morning is complete without a nice, hot brew - and with our coffee, sugar and tea canisters, you can make sure your kitchen bench is fully stocked with these everyday essentials. Of course, these containers can be used for absolutely anything you like - so if you’ve got your own ideas when it comes to how you’ll put your storage canisters to use, the choice is yours!

If you grow your own produce at home, it’s never been easier to put your yield on display with kitchen storage jars. Homemade jams, homegrown herbs and more can be arranged exactly how you want - which means you can find the ingredients you need without hunting through every kitchen cupboard and drawer. And, with sizes ranging from 250ml to 1ltr, you can mix and match your kitchen containers to suit your needs.

Our clay tin range is also perfect for modern kitchens. Designed in a simple aesthetic, the coffee, tea and sugar set sits perfectly within any kitchen design - whether that be contemporary, vintage or minimal. This kitchen storage set is both practical and stylish, taking the clutter out of your cupboards so you can make a cup of tea or coffee with ease.

If you need a touch more colour in your kitchen, a kitchen storage jar can also double as a vase for fresh flowers. Simply place your pick into a jar to breathe new life into your kitchen space and enjoy the fresh scents that come with bringing nature inside. Alternatively, pop these jars onto a coffee table and pack them with your favourite selection of sweets for family and guests to enjoy.

Whether you’re decluttering with stylish kitchen cupboard storage, or placing fresh flowers on display using an assortment of cute jars, overhaul your cooking area with practical and attractive kitchen storage solutions from Ulster Weavers.
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