House Clocks

Whether it’s the living room or kitchen, clocks can create an eye-catching centerpiece in any space in your home. If you’ve been searching for a home accessory that’s both fashionable and functional, look no further. Welcome to our range of house clocks.

For your living room, decorative wall clocks can be used on a feature wall to create an appealing talking point. Whether you’re opting for classy whites or striking blues, you’re guaranteed to find a colour that suits your space. If you’re simply looking for a distinctive way to add a splash of colour to your otherwise neutral decor, unique wall clocks can brighten up your lounge, conservatory or hallway.

If it’s the kitchen area you’re looking to spruce up, you’ll find plenty of choice here at Ulster Weavers. Whether your home is a shrine to days gone by or one room in the house is channelling a vintage vibe, with our retro, 50s-style wall clocks, you can create an authentic and powerful aesthetic. From traditional faces to kitchen timer clocks that can be hung on the wall, you’re sure to find a stylish timepiece that will suit your home. With the Discovery timer clock, you can enjoy all the benefits of a standard clock, while also being able to set a timer - which is perfect for when you’re hosting a dinner party or cooking several foods at once.

For family homes, why not get the children involved by hanging a kitchen wall clock where they can see it and encourage them to help out with mealtimes? Our chalkboard clocks are a fun and original way to get young ones excited about telling the time and can be personalised to keep them interested. Available in red or black, you can draw pictures or alter the dial to something more unique to your family.

Whatever you’re looking for from your house clocks, our vibrant and quirky range is sure to help you decide. Shop our collection below.
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